Seaside Safari Earrings


 The wild calls, even from your jewelry box. Slip on these retro leopard-print earrings and suddenly the beach is your runway, the sea your soundtrack. With seashells as your muse, these earrings roar with untamed style. Gold-plated posts and caps ensure these earrings will follow your adventures for years to come, whether you're prowling the promenade or lounging seaside. Safari so good. When your wanderlust strikes, these earrings are your spirited travel companions. They're a reminder that you can be fierce and feminine, all while answering the call of the wild. These earrings don't just accessorize your look—they unleash your inner icon. Adventure is out there—and so is your bold style. The only question is: where will these earrings take you next? The world is your catwalk. 

Material: Alloy

Length: 6.5 CM