Blooming Chandelier Earrings

Color: Green

 For the feminine fashionista who marches to the beat of her own drummer, these blooming chandelier earrings are music to your ears. Delicate yet statement-making, their cascading floral motif evokes whimsical romance. Petal-soft and shimmering, these earrings sway and catch the light with your every move, announcing your stylish joie de vivre for all the world to see. Far from just another floral accessory, their free-form shape and artisanal details give each earring a life of its own. And while dainty enough for everyday, they shine brightest when you want to make an entrance. For date nights, girls’ nights out or anytime you want to feel utterly enchanting, these earrings are all you need to blossom into the belle of the ball. After all, you’re not most girls—you’re a flower that refuses to wilt. And these earrings are your bloom.


Product size: length 6.5cm + width 5.3cm
Material: Alloy