This is the real deal. Before this I've only bought costume quality corsets from Party City or from China. Those don't even compare. This is a heavy, high quality piece that is gorgeous. Wear it inside a garment for a cinched waist, or outside of a dress for a daring look. I love mine, I would absolutely recommend! ~ Jennifer Tsang
I loooooove these corsets, I now have 5 from this seller! 2 mesh, two classics like this one listed, and one midi. I use them under my pinup dresses, when I do photoshoots, or even just while sitting at work to give my back relief since I sit at a desk for 50 to 60 hours a week for work. Hands down my most favorite corsets to own!! I have 22" and 24" with me pictured in the 24".~ Customer
This is not just your average cheap fashion corset. This thing is a legit steel boned corset, what really does what a waist trainer is supposed to do. As a transgender model, I need to be able to create the curves that I don't naturally have, and this does it with style and comfort. I have worn it both under my dress and exposed, and I love it both. Paula Kasun
I own several corsets and waspies from this seller, her knowledge on these products and attention to detail is truly superior. The fit and quality are the best I've ever seen. The right undergarments will change your life. Highly recommend 🖤~ DW
I love my 3 pieces I have. They all help my shape. Be what I want it to be. ~Tara
After being unsure of corseting and having interest for several years I utilized Hourglass Corsetiere for my first experience. Could not be more happy! Shawn showed me how get wear it properly and how to make sure it’s working and flattering. Through the use of the corset I have embraced my curves and proudly boast my thicc thighs! ~Kacy Hodges
Wonderful Quality! No bends , very comfortable . I even nap in it sometimes ! Can’t wait to show further progress 😊 . Overall 10/10 ~Satori R