Spring Fashion Trends: Lavender Is the New Black!

Spring Fashion Trends: Lavender Is the New Black!

Ah, springtime! Blooming flowers, singing birds, and a new wardrobe statement that is sure to turn heads. Whether you are a fashionista or trendsetter, this season is all about embracing the beauty of lavender.


Shawn Andrea is here to make your journey in understanding the nuances of the season’s best color absolutely painless. Did you know that digital lavender will be the 2023 color of the year? Looking for a stylishly updated wardrobe for this season? Look no further - We have got everything you need.


From runway inspired pieces to everyday essentials and romantic night-outs, we put together a list of must-haves fashion trends with our lavender-tinted filter. So, don’t waste another minute - Let’s get on with discovering why lavender colored fashion is the epitome of spring 2023!

Introducing the Color of Spring: Lavender

Are you ready to be the trendsetter this Spring? Lavender is officially the 'it' color for 2023, and we’ve got everything you need to know about why it's taking over the fashion world.


Not only does lavender add an air of romantic fantasy to any look, it’s also incredibly versatile; its many shades can easily be paired with neutrals and vibrant colors alike. As an added bonus, pastel purple works for all seasons, so you can keep wearing your lavender wardrobe essentials even when Summer comes around.


Whether you’re looking for subtle elegance or a bold statement piece, lavender-hued clothing and accessories can take your wardrobe to the next level. So go ahead and switch up your closet with a range of purple pieces; from lighter lilacs to deep plums – there's something for everyone.


Lighten Up Your Spring Wardrobe With Lavender Tones

If you're looking to give your wardrobe a fresh burst of spring, you can't go wrong with the color lavender! This season is all about letting your wardrobe reflect the lighter mood of the days to come. For all its light and airy beauty, lavender is surprisingly versatile. Whether it's a rich purple or a pale lilac, this hue is perfect for creating an easy and elegant look to suit any occasion. Here are just a few reasons why lavender is the epitome of spring:

**It's feminine yet subdued**: Lavender's pastel shade strikes the perfect balance between girly and understated, making it a great choice for modern women.

Havana Nights Lilac Jacquard Dress $99


**It captures the spirit of spring**: With its soft and muted tones, lavender embodies all that nature has to offer during this season.


**It looks great with other colors**: Lavender goes beautifully with neutrals like white and beige but also looks amazing when paired with brighter shades such as pink and yellow.

Miami Beach One Piece Swimsuit $29


Move Beyond Lavender: Ways to Style Your Outfit

Lavender is the perfect hue to achieve an effortless, quintessential spring look – but it can be so much more! Here are some tips to take your wardrobe up a notch and make sure you stand out as the fashionista amongst your friends.


### Accents

Adding a few accents of bright colors, such as yellow or pink, can help break up lavender's light tone, while still keeping with the spring theme. For a classic vibe, try matching your lavender outfit with white or cream accessories - think hats, handbags and shoes - for an elegant contrast. You can also add a statement necklace or some fun earrings in silver, gold or even rose gold.


### Textures

Mixing different textures is an easy and subtle way to elevate your look. Sheer fabrics are always great for adding a bit of femininity to an otherwise casual outfit. For something more daring and statement-making, try pairing different shades of lavender together in woven and silk fabrics for a chic look!


By following these simple styling tips you'll be ready to step out in style this season – the world is your runway!

How to Wear Lavender Accessories

Accessorizing your spring look with lavender pieces is an easy way to add a stylish touch to any outfit. Whether you’re donning a casual denim-on-denim combination or a more formal dress and blazer combo, there are plenty of ways to include lavender in your style.


Here are just a few ideas on how to wear accessories in this lovely hue:

* Add a pair of lavender sunglasses for a chic finishing touch – perfect for a day at the beach or brunch with friends.

Big Square Sunglasses, $19


* For an evening look, try wearing an elegant lavender clutch bag or shoulder bag.

Rosette Clutch, $23

* If you want to keep things simple yet fashionable, why not wear some unique hoop earrings? They come in all shades of lavender and are sure to give your outfit an instantly stylish edge.

Blooming Pearl Hoop Earrings , $14


* And finally, don't forget to add some subtle sparkle with delicate lavender-hued necklaces and bracelets. These will complete any outfit while being understated enough for day-to-day use!

Blooming Beauty Bangle, $23

Beauty Products That Compliment Lavender Colored Dresses

Nothing takes an outfit up a notch like a set of perfectly coordinated beauty products, and with lavender-colored dresses being the trend of the season, you’ll need some pieces to complete your look. From lipstick shades to eyeshadows, there are many ways you can use makeup to complement your favorite lavender garments.


### Nail Color

When it comes to nails, there are plenty of options out there to help you show off your lavender look. Whether you want bright and bold hues or something a bit softer and more subtle, there is sure to be something to fit your style. Try cool shades like ‘OPI Polly Want A Lacquer?' or ‘OPI Do You Lilac It?’ for a look that is perfect for spring.



### Blush & Bronzer

The key to pulling off lavender-themed ensembles is finding the right color palette for blush and bronzer. You don’t want anything too overpowering, so go for shades that add just the right amount of color without overwhelming the lavender base. Try a soft pink blush and bronzer duo with accents of sheer champagne-like shimmer.


### Lipstick & Lip Gloss

Achieving those perfect lips doesn't have to be difficult either! Depending on how intense you want your look, you can opt for muted pastel shades or brighter purples for lips that will be sure to turn heads. For ultra-hydrating lipsticks with a pinky nude pigment, try our SHAWN ANDREA Kiss Kitt in shade ‘First Kiss’.

Total Lavender Look for Maximum Impact

A total lavender look is an eye-catching fashion trend this spring. It's the perfect balance of subtle, classy colors with a bit of extra flair. Wearing a full monochromatic lavender ensemble will leave a lasting impression, and it's a great way to stand out in the crowd!


But how do you pull off a total lavender look? Here are some tips:

* Start by investing in foundational pieces like jeans or trousers, tops and skirts that are made out of quality fabrics and come in shades of lavender.

* Find an accessories such as belts, necklaces, shoes or purses that are all in the same shade of lavender.

* Don't be afraid to combine different styles of clothing such as vintage items with modern designs – just make sure they all stick to the same color palette.

* To finish off your total lavender look, invest in makeup products such as a lavender eye liner and pressed shadow palette by Revlon for the perfect touch of color!

To sum it up, SHAWN ANDREA’s latest line offers everything you need in your spring wardrobe. For the stylish woman, lavender is the color to be seen in! Not only is it effortlessly fresh and feminine, but it’s also versatile and can be styled in any outfit.


From floral maxi dresses to statement blazers and jeans, lavender is the perfect hue to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring. So go ahead, start adding some lavender to your wardrobe and make heads turn!

May 09, 2023 — Shawn Reaves

Light Up Your Life: The Power of Affirmation Candles

Ready to light up your life? Allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite tips, tools, and techniques for transforming your life: affirmation candles.

I love myself. Affirmation Candle


No longer are candles just ornamental or a source of light. Today, with their visually appealing art and inspiring scents, affirmation candles can be mindfulness tools and sources of comfort as well. Whether you're using them for a regular candlelit meditation, in an altar space, or for aromatherapy during an at-home spa night, the power of affirmation candles is undeniable.


Every time you light one of these special candles up, you affirm who you are and what you want in life. Think of it like a reminder of your goals and intentions—right from your own home! In this article, I'll share some tips on how to use these amazing tools effectively.


What Are Affirmation Candles?

Affirmation candles are an incredibly powerful tool for manifesting and creating a positive mindset. These candles work by infusing your home with intentions, beautiful scents, and meditative poses, allowing you to deeply focus on the positive and create an atmosphere of calm. Whether it’s for yourself or for a loved one, the transformative energy of affirmation candles can be put to good use!


You might have seen these candles on our social media- but what makes them so special? Well, these candles come with some unique and powerful qualities. First of all, their scent can help relax the mind and body while encouraging a state of mindfulness and peace. Secondly, they are inscribed with affirmations that allow you to focus your energy on finding balance, achieving your goals, and being present in the moment. With Soft neutral colors our candles create a calming and grounding effect, allowing the words to stand out more clearly. These candles can really take your space to the next level.


So if you’re looking to set an intention or lend some relaxing energy to a space – affirmation candles may be just what you need!

It is time to let go of the things that hold me back. Affirmation Candle

Benefits of Affirmation Candles

When it comes to manifestation, attention to detail is key. Introducing a new product into your practice, like an affirmation candle, can help increase your daily successes, if done right. Here are just some of the benefits of using an affirmation candle:


- Affirmation candles provide you with a simple and tangible way to visualize your goals and show gratitude for what you have already achieved.


- By lighting an affirmation candle and meditating while it burns, you can further embed your affirmations in the subconscious mind. The aroma is also believed to be calming and bring strength during times of stress.


- Every time you light your affirmation candle, visualize yourself already living in abundance and with joy—this visualizing technique is said to manifest a powerful energy that will draw desired events into reality. As such, when the flame of your affirmation candle burns down, it signifies that your intentions have been cast out into the Universe and will soon come back to you multiplied by its power.

Choosing the Right Candle for You

Finding the perfect affirmation candle is not just about picking the most esthetically pleasing one. While it should certainly look pleasant, the scent and mantra of the candle are more important.


### Scent

The scent is personal and up to your own preference - make sure you pick something that makes you feel at ease. Different scents evoke different moods and feelings, so it’s important to find something that resonates with you. You may find that certain essential oils have special meaning to you, or that you enjoy the calming effect of eucalyptus, like our Tranquil Grove or the energizing scent of citrus, found in our scent Seabreeze Sanctuary, that transports you to a magical place on nature's edge. Consider the mood you want to create and the atmosphere you want to be surrounded by when selecting a scent. If you're someone who prefers strong, energizing scents like coffee, then find something with a similar scent, like our Comfort Cafe. If a calming aroma like lavender is more your style, seek out a candle with a soothing fragrance like our Summer Symphony. Consider what smells will make you smile and connect with your positive energy.


### Mantra

When selecting an affirmation candle, be sure to find one with a meaningful mantra that resonates with you. No matter what mantra you choose, it should be something that inspires and motivates you. For example, if you’re someone who values calmness and peace, select something with an uplifting message like "All worries and anxieties are leaving my mind, making space for calmness and peace." Or if you are working towards a goal, a mantra such as “It is time to let go of the things that hold me back” can be a great reminder.

No matter what mantra you choose, make sure it’s something that speaks to you. That way, every time you light your candle, it’s a powerful reminder of the positive thoughts you are sending into the universe.


Affirmation candles are not just about being decorative though – they have the power to change your outlook on life. Whether you find yourself feeling stressed and overwhelmed, or just need a pick-me-up, the pleasant smell and simple reminder of the mantra on your candle can help create an atmosphere of mindfulness and positivity.


When you are feeling down, try lighting your affirmation candle and focusing on the mantra "I am strong. I am loved. I am worthy." Doing this for just a few minutes each day can help to remind yourself of the importance of self-care. Every time you light your affirmation candle, focus on your chosen mantra as it fills your room with its fragrant aroma, igniting a sense of tranquility and positivity within both your physical and mental space.


Manifestation & Intention Setting With Affirmation Candles

Affirmation candles are a perfect tool to help manifest your intentions and create positivity in your life.


### Setting Intention

When burning an affirmation candle, it’s important to set an intention: focus on what you want to achieve in the short and long term. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and get into the present moment. As you light the candle, speak out your intention out loud, "I am manifesting positive changes in my world." or in your mind. This simple step can help bring clarity and direction to your life.


### Visualizing Your Goal

To make the most of your affirmation candle ritual, pause for a moment and visualize what success looks like. Picture yourself achieving it—what do you feel? What does it look like when your goal is achieved? Staying connected to this image helps sharpen our intentions and affirm our willingness to move towards success in the form we wish for it.


### Staying Present & Positive

Focus on the flame of the candle when you are feeling overwhelmed or distracted from your original intent. The flame can remind us of our current purpose and maintain a sense of grounding during this process. As you sit in meditation with the candle alight, remain positive about every experience by affirming what you are grateful for each day as well as what you would like to achieve with respect to each intention set.

Crafting an Affirmation Candle Ritual

Creating a ritual around your affirmation candles is a powerful way to manifest positive change in your life. As you light each candle, take a few moments to slow down and connect with yourself. Visualize and speak out loud the affirmations you've chosen, allowing your words to really sink in. Here are a few tips on crafting an effective affirmation candle ritual:


### Prepare Your Space

Set the mood with calming decor, scents, music, and other items that bring you joy. Make sure that your environment is free from distractions or anything that disrupts your moment of peace.


### Get Comfortable

Choose a comfortable position that allows you to be present and relaxed. Whether it's sitting cross-legged on the floor or laying back on a cozy cushion, adjust your body until it feels just right.


### Connect with Your Breath

As you repeat your affirmations for each candle, breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Let each breath help you focus more deeply on the message behind the words. As thoughts arise, simply acknowledge them without judgment before refocusing on the positive intention of the ritual.


When done regularly, an affirmation candle ritual can provide some much-needed calm throughout chaotic days while also empowering you to take positive steps toward achieving your goals.

Positivity Tips for Everyday Self-Love

You can use affirmation candles as a regular reminder of positive affirmations. They make a cheerful addition to any home, and can help you keep your personal mantra close to your heart and in front of your eyes. Here are a few tips for using affirmation candles on a daily basis:


1. Place an affirmation candle near the entryway– Start your day with a reminder of the positivity you wish to bring into your life.


2. Light one before you start a new project – Let its soothing glow burn as you work, reminding yourself of the goals you have set for yourself and the journey ahead.


3. Take some time for yourself– Set aside time each week to relax and reflect on the good things in life, no matter how small they are. Use this sacred time to enjoy the glow of an affirmation candle and focus on releasing any negative thoughts or feelings that might be holding you back from achieving success.


Affirmation candles provide an easy way to infuse positive energy into our homes and lives, so let their light guide you towards feeling more motivated and balanced in every aspect of life!


Affirmation candles are a powerful way to bring light and joy into your life. The practice of lighting a candle for your affirmations helps to focus your intention and amplify your visualization. As you light your candle, feel your wish inwardly, and know that the universe will respond to your request. Remember to be open and grateful for whatever comes next in your life. When you stay connected to your purpose and keep your vibration high, abundance is yours for the taking.

View our collection of Affirmation Candles.

March 22, 2023 — Shawn Reaves
The Story Behind Why Women Wear Pink or Red for Valentine's Day

The Story Behind Why Women Wear Pink or Red for Valentine's Day

Hey, girl!

Do you know why women wear pink or red for Valentine's Day?

Some people say it's because those are the colors of love. Others say it's because those are the colors of passion. And still others say it's because those are the colors of strength and power.

But we know the real reason women wear pink or red for Valentine's Day.

It's because we want to look good and feel confident on one of the most special days of the year!

A Brief History of Valentine's Day

Ah, Valentine's Day. A time to celebrate love and all things romantic. But where did this tradition come from? And why do women wear pink or red on this day?

Well, as with most traditions, there's a bit of history behind it all. Valentine's Day is actually a Christian holiday that celebrates Saint Valentine, who was martyred in the 3rd century. And as for the pink and red thing? That actually has to do with love and passion. 

Back in the day, women would wear pink or red to show their male suitor that they were interested in them. Men, on the other hand, would wear white to show that they were taken. So if you're planning on wearing pink or red this Valentine's Day, now you know the story behind it!

How Wearing Red Became Popular

Ah, Valentine's Day. A day of love, happiness, and, of course, red clothing!

But where did this tradition of wearing red come from? No one really knows for sure, but there are a few popular theories.

The most popular story is that the color red was first worn by women in the 12th century as a sign of defiance against the Church. They believed that the Pope was trying to control their love lives, so they started wearing red to show their opposition.

Another story suggests that women started wearing red to attract attention from men. In this version, red was seen as a powerful and seductive color, and women wanted their admirers to see them from a distance.

Whatever the true story may be, we're happy that women have continued to wear red on Valentine's Day! It's become such an iconic tradition that it would be pretty hard to imagine the holiday without it.

Why Pink Is Now Considered a Symbolic Color on Valentine's Day

Why do women wear pink or red on Valentine's Day? Many people believe it's because these colors are associated with love and passion. And while this may be true, the story behind why these colors have become so symbolic is actually quite interesting.

Back in the early days of Valentine's Day, it was actually considered bad luck for women to wear any other color but red on February 14th. This was because men were allowed to give women only three gifts—red roses, a red heart, or a red velvet box filled with chocolates. If a woman received any other gift, it meant that her man was not serious about her.

In modern times, however, pink has become a popular alternative to red. This is because it's seen as a more feminine color that represents sweetness, delicacy and charm. So if you're looking to avoid any potential bad luck, go ahead and wear something pink on Valentine's Day!

Does What You Wear on Valentine's Day Matter?

The short answer is: it totally depends! Valentine's Day is a day to express love and appreciation to your significant other, so it's up to you how much effort you want to put into dressing for the occasion – whether that means going for a classic pink or red ensemble, like Pink Butterfly Dress $53


You could pair it with a something unexpected like this Distressed Cropped Denim Jacket $29


If you decide to go with the traditional Valentine's Day look, don't forget the accessories! Adding small touches like Pearl Rosebud Drop Earrings and headbands can add an extra level of whimsy to your outfit. 

And if you're looking to make more of a statement, try a patterned two-piece set like The Hillary 2 Piece Cropped Top Sweater Set $53  or some bold red boots like The Bestie Stiletto Boot $63. Ultimately, it's all about wearing what makes you feel confident and beautiful.


Fashionable Ways to Incorporate Pink and Red Into Your Look for Valentine's Day

So you’ve figured out why wearing pink or red on Valentine’s Day is the way to go - now you just need to figure out how to pull it off! Luckily, your trusty online women’s boutique has got you covered. Whether you’re looking for casual outfits or something a bit dressier for a night out, there are plenty of fashionable ways to incorporate pink and red into your look.

 For a fun and flirty look, try pairing a pair of floral jeans like Le Fleur Distressed Denim Jeans $39 with a cozy pink sweater like our Classic Cozy Sweater in pink $23 or layer some statement jewelry in both colors. 


If you want to keep it chic, opt for a monochrome ensemble in either color – think a red mini dress like our Meredith Wrap Dress $62 with some bold gold accessories, like our Thrice the Love Earrings.

For an edgier take on the trend, try styling an all-black outfit like our Petite Shine On 'Em Sequin Micro Mini Dress with bright pink or red booties or ad a statement bag in either hue. Whatever look you choose, we promise it will be sure to make Cupid smile!


Accessories That Help Make You Feel Special on Valentine's Day

Alright ladies, now that you understand the history behind why women wear pink or red on Valentine's Day, let's talk accessories! After all, there's nothing quite like adding a few special items to your outfit to make you feel extra special. Whether it's a bold statement necklace or a flirty pair of earrings, rocking some Valentine's Day accessorizing is always a great way to top off your look.


And if you're really looking to make a statement on Valentine's Day, why not go all out with some eye-catching shoes? A bold pair of red stilettos like our Bow To Me Stiletto $59 can take any look up a notch—making you feel like the belle of the ball and sure to turn heads!



Yes, there is a story behind why women wear pink or red on Valentine's Day - and no, it's not because men find those colors more attractive. In fact, the history of why women wear pink or red on Valentine's Day is actually a little bit murky.


Some people say that women began wearing pink and red on Valentine's Day in the Victorian era, as a way of appealing to men and showing that they were interested in love and romance. Others say that women began wearing pink and red on Valentine's Day in the 1920s, as a way of signaling that they were available for romance.


At any rate, nowadays, it's pretty much tradition for women to wear pink or red on Valentine's Day - and there's no harm in following the tradition! So why not dress to impress this Valentine's Day and show your love and appreciation for the people in your life?

February 14, 2023 — Shawn Reaves
Discover the Best Lingerie for a Truly Sensual Valentine's Day

Discover the Best Lingerie for a Truly Sensual Valentine's Day

You want to feel sexy on Valentine's Day. There's no doubt about that. But what should you wear to make sure you feel your best?


There are a lot of different opinions out there, but we believe the best lingerie for a romantic evening is something that makes you feel confident and sensual. It should fit well and make you feel beautiful—inside and out.


That's why we've put together this guide to the best lingerie for a truly sensual Valentine's Day. Whether you're looking for something flirty and fun or sexy and seductive, we've got you covered. So read on, and discover the perfect lingerie for you!

Types of Lingerie for a Romantic Night

When it comes to lingerie, there are countless options to choose from. But if you're looking to set the mood for a romantic Valentine's Day, certain styles are sure to get your partner's heart racing.


Here are a few lingerie ideas that are perfect for seduction:

 1. A sexy bra and panty set like the Hearts In Love Three Piece Set for


2. A see-through chemise or babydoll like the Laced In Love Backless Chemise for $23

3. A kinky corset or bustier like those found here.


4. Crotchless panties or a g-string like The Pearls of Love G-String for $12

5. A lace teddy like the crotchless Total Temptation Teddy for $29

Deciding on the Right Fit for You

So you've decided that you want to surprise your partner with some romantic lingerie this Valentine's Day? Great choice! But before you go out and buy the first thing you see, it's important to take a few things into account.


First, think about your body type. Not all lingerie is created equal, and different styles will look better on certain shapes. If you're not sure what style would suit you, take a look at our website for inspiration.


Second, decide on the right fit. You want your lingerie to feel comfortable and flattering, not tight or restrictive. Make sure the bra is the right size and that the panties fit snugly without digging in.


And finally, choose something you feel sexy in. This doesn't have to be something raunchy or over-the-top; sometimes simple and elegant is the sexiest thing of all.

The Benefits of Lace and Sheer Fabrics

Lace and sheer fabrics have always been associated with romance and sensuality. There's something about the delicate textures and delicate designs that just makes you feel feminine and sexy.


But what are the benefits of lace and sheer fabrics?


Here are just a few reasons why you should consider investing in some lingerie made from lace or sheer fabrics this Valentine's Day:

- They make you feel confident and sexy: When you wear something that feels beautiful and luxurious, it instantly makes you feel more confident. And who doesn't want to feel confident on Valentine's Day?

- They're super sexy: Lace and sheer fabrics are universally known as being super sexy. So if you're looking to heat things up in the bedroom, they're definitely the way to go.

- They're comfortable: Believe it or not, lace and sheer fabrics can actually be really comfortable to wear. So you don't have to worry about feeling constricted or uncomfortable while wearing them.

Unconventional Sexy Pieces for a Memorable Valentine's Day

If you want to really wow your partner this Valentine's Day, then why not try something a little bit different with your lingerie choices? Something unconventional and sexy can really make the night memorable, and will show your partner that you’re not afraid to be daring!


Think outside the box when it comes to lingerie options. Consider trying a combination of bold colors, or a playful piece like a bodysuit or chemise. You could also opt for something with lots of lace and frills, or even something that leaves little to the imagination - like an open cup design. Whatever you choose, just remember to have fun with it!

Color Ideas for an Impressive Look

Now that you've chosen the perfect lingerie set, it's time to really make it stand out with the right colors. For a truly romantic look, there are plenty of colors to choose from. Red is always a classic choice for Valentine's Day, as it's vibrant and passionate. You can also go with pinks and purples for a softer, more romantic look. Metallics and pastel colors are great for making an impressive statement, and you can even experiment with bolder shades like black or gold for an edgier look.


Just remember - whatever color you choose, make sure you feel confident in it! That is the most important part of feeling truly sexy in your lingerie.

Matching Sets and Dressing Tips for Added Romance

To give your evening even more of a romantic edge, opt for a lingerie set that features matching pieces in complementary colors. Going for a structured look? Make sure the two pieces fit together seamlessly and layer them with a kimono or sheer robe for that extra touch of glam. Or, you could try some daring lace designs and mix textures to create an edgy look.


If you're feeling creative, why not combine different garments to create your own unique style? For example, slip on a body stocking with a pair of shorts or layer a corset over a bodysuit. The choice is yours! Just remember to choose lingerie that makes you feel comfortable and sexy – it’s all about having fun with fashion.


No matter your size or shape, there’s a lingerie style out there that will make you feel sexy and confident on Valentine’s Day. It’s all about finding the right style and color for you, and feeling comfortable in your own skin. So don’t be afraid to experiment a little – you might be surprised at how confident you feel in a new style of lingerie.


So this Valentine’s Day, ditch the old lingerie styles and experiment with something new. You might be surprised at how confident you feel in a new style of lingerie.


January 17, 2023 — Shawn Reaves