Meet Me At The Alhambra Beach Towel

$36.00 72 Entries

This beach towel doesn’t just dry you off—it transports you to the storied Alhambra palace in Granada, Spain. With its intricate geometric details inspired by the iconic Nasrid architecture of the 14th century, lounging on this towel you can almost hear the tranquil fountains and feel the history seep into your pores. Perfect for the incurable wanderluster, one glance at its patterned beauty conjures dreams of wandering the Alhambra’s columns and courtyards. And when you’re not beachside? This towel makes a gorgeous decorative throw or picnic blanket for your living room or backyard, letting you escape to the Alhambra whenever wanderlust strikes. For a towel that dries quickly and packs major style, join the legions of travelers who have been captivated by the Alhambra’s mystery and magic. Meet me in Granada—if only in your imagination.

Beach Towel 31.5"x 71"
 Made in the USA