Lotus Blossom Polo Dress

$63.00 126 Entries


 This polo dress blooms with retro charm and a playful spirit. With a collar as crisp as freshly pressed linen and lotus leaf sleeves that flutter like petals in the breeze, it evokes carefree summer days and pink lemonade. An eyelet pattern as intricate as lace adorns its A-line skirt, allowing hints of skin to peek through like the sun from behind clouds. Despite its vintage vibe, this polo dress is all about living in the present and embracing life’s simple pleasures. Slip it on and let the sunshine in—its vibrant energy is contagious. You’ll be blossoming with style and spreading good cheer wherever the day takes you. 

Fabric: Cotton

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Size Bust Waist Shoulder Length
M 88 74 36 119
L 90 78 37 120
XL 94 82 38 121
Size Bust Waist Shoulder Length
M 34.65 29.13 14.17 46.85
L 35.43 30.71 14.57 47.24
XL 37.01 32.28 14.96 47.64